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The Ideal Alpaca Community

The Ideal Alpaca Community is a group of like minded breeders whose collective purpose is to raise genetically superior alpacas that produce high volumes of fine fleece. We share a belief in the Ideal Alpaca Breed Standards, Ideal Alpaca Type, and the use of progeny-tested, impact sires we call Studmasterô males. It is through these high quality males and their progeny that the genetic improvement of our individual herds will be assured.

We use the World Wide Web to reach our mutual goals, and keep our individual farms and ranches informed of our collective achievements. The Internet allows us a common market place for our alpaca herds. Each member of the Ideal Alpaca Community offers their clients the same opportunity to market their farms and alpacas through the Ideal Alpaca Community web site.

The ideal alpaca community recognizes the power of the Internet in the marketing of alpacas. Each member realizes the value of educating their clients and doing their level best to see that the people who buy their alpacas will have the information necessary to succeed in the alpaca business. By providing our customers with the opportunity to join the Ideal Alpaca Community, we believe that they will have the tools they need to prosper in the alpaca market long term.

We believe that the combination of a science-based, breed improvement program and our Internet marketing strategy will give our members the maximum opportunity for success.